I have been involved with the American Cancer Society for eight years now! By my junior year in college, I felt like I wanted to do more than just Relaying. I love Relay, but I craved more personal interactions with the patients that our Relay events were benefiting, and wanted to get more involved with the work the Society was doing. That’s when I signed up to become a Road To Recovery driver, and have gotten more than I could have ever imagined out of the experience!

I have loved every ride that I have given. Being able to have a few hours sitting side-by-side with the patients that our fundraising benefits is such a unique and amazing opportunity. With each new story I heard, I wanted to do to more and more to make sure no one else would have to go through similar experiences.

While I tried my best to do frequent rides as a student at UCLA, between school, planning UCLA’s Relay with CAC, and my other extracurricular activities, I was only able to do a few rides each quarter. Once I graduated in Spring 2015 however, I had much fewer commitments, which gave me more time to drive for Road to Recovery!

Being able to continue volunteering for the American Cancer Society through Road to Recovery after graduating kept me anchored to the work that I love so much! Being able to drive for Road To Recovery allowed me to stay involved and continue working with patients as I eased my transition into the post-grad Relay world.

Now, in one month, I’ll be moving across the country to Wisconsin to start Medical School. While I’m nervous about how I can keep my ACS volunteer work that is so close to my heart a big part of my life as a student again, I’m excited that I will be able to continue driving for Road To Recovery. Since Road to Recovery is a national program, drivers are needed across the country! With just one email notifying the system that I am moving regions, I can continue driving patients in Wisconsin. I’m so grateful for ACS programs like Road to Recovery that give graduates such a fun, easy, and meaningful way to stay involved after college! 

- Sogol Ashrafian, UCLA Class of 2015